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Remember Me? What's New? Forum Gunboards. Results 1 to 11 of Going to pick it up tomorrow. Crown over W on top of slide and rear of frame. The SN is in all the right places When this one might have been produced? Would say it is a good price. Mine is also Dutch pre war,1 of 60, contracted,not all were delivered when war broke out. Great shooters,and a neat piece of history. Mine was a G. Here are three bad photos of one I just got. Not many of these around, so if you pass it up you probably wont see one for awhile. If you need original FN made 9mm. O has them for cheap right now. I never met a gun I didn't like! Dogs are better people than most people. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Tenn hills Posts 4, You did well just finding one, Coney I've been looking for an affordable one for years.


Privacy Terms. Quick links. Send email to admins russian-mosin-nagant-forum. Preservation forum, please no altered military surplus handguns or discussions on altering in this forum On Military firearms only. Please read the rules at the top of each forum. Originally built in 9mm Kurtz. And as the Nazis preferred the 7. Aside from the barrel and an unnumbered post-war mag, the remainder of the gun is matching. Very crisp Crown over W Queen Wilhemina stamp on the top of the slide. Bore is bright and sharp, many other stamps, lots of pics, and thanks for looking! Very nice lines. It really looks like a high quality built pistol. The sharp markings are beautiful. I bought one of these around because It looked cool. Later to find out what it was I called FN for help, and find out just what caliber it was as the barrel is marked 9mm and I knew it wasn't. They told me that it was 9mm kurtz as Martin said, which is. I found out later that this pistol was the type and model that killed Archduke Ferdinand that started WWI. Leave it as it is. The ages have been at work on it and man can only mar it. Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft. Theodore Roosevelt. Mark Twain "Dang that entropy". It appears that this would have been built in late or early Pistool M25 No. Serial numbering for the initial 2, order began with ByM25 No. Inan order for 4, pistols was placed. In an additional 15, were ordered. When the Nazi's rolled in there, they took the handguns also. My Father in Law took it off a Japanese Col. He was allowed to keep it because he had 2 bronze stars. I gave it to my son his grandson last year. Nice firing pistols too. His has a leather holster and an extra mag. Even better with the whole story. It's is amazing how much those pistols traveled. A cousin brought one back from Vietnam that he had picked up in country and carried in a local made shoulder holster for two tours. If you watched Band of Brothers you may remember the surrender scene in Austria where a German officer handed his pistol over to Maj.

FN Browning Model 1922 Dutch Contract

The Browning Model design was born of a specific Yugoslavian semi-automatic pistol requirement and based on the existing Model Credit: Left side profiel view of the Browning Model semi-automatic pistol. Inthe Yugoslavian authorities contracted the Belgian concern of Fabrique Nationale to develop a semi-automatic pistol firing from an eight-round magazine and sporting a mm long barrel for accuracy. FN took to reworking their existing Browning Model also FN Mle and lengthening the barrel as such and increased its magazine capacity from seven rounds to eight, extending the pistol grip as a result. The end-product was nothing more than a dimensionally different Model to suit the Yugoslavian requirement, featuring a longer slide and equally lengthened grip handle. The remaining features of the Model were left largely intact including the solid trigger facility, ribbed slide sides and iron front and rear sights. The Model relied on a striker based firing mechanism through the blowback principle and was fitted with a grip safety at the grip rear spine. The pistol appeared in two distinct forms chambered for the 9x17mm Browning Short. It was adopted by several European powers for military and police use in the time leading up to war and these included Holland, Greece, Romania, France, Denmark and Finland. After Belgium fell to the German invasion, FN factories continued output of the Model though this time for their German overseers. These production models were applicably stamped with German markings to indicate their fate and were introduced in under the designation of Pistole b - the "b" signifying their Belgian origins, common practice for the German Army inventory concerning captured weapons. The Pistole b was largely issued to Luftwaffe personnel as a standard sidearm. The Model saw service through the end of the war in and after. It was further issued to West German troops following the division of Germany in the post-war world. Several attempts were made in the s by the Browning Arms Company established to market John Browning's military-minded designs to civilians to bring the Model to a broader audience. This created the Browning Model and Browning Model designations within time. Year: Overall Length: mm 7. Barrel Length: mm 4. Weight Unloaded : 1. Sights: Iron front and rear. Action: Blowback. Muzzle Velocity: feet-per-second meters-per-second. Rate-of-Fire: 9 rounds-per-minute. Browning Model - Base Series Designation. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Cookies.

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Remember Me? What's New? Pistols and Holsters. FN Serial Numbers? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: FN Serial Numbers? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Posts Gentlemen, I am confused concerning FN serial numbers. I understand that wartime serial numbers continued into aproxunder German occupation. I know that the Germans re-configured the serial numbers to run in blocks ofwith a letter suffix in late until the end of production in My understanding is that when the Belgians continued producing this pistol in late they used an "A" prefix to distinguish the pistols made after liberation. So, my question is were the FN pistols utilized by various postwar German Police agencies made during the war of after? They seem to fall into the serial number range since they do not have an "A" prefix. Is this perhaps a special postwar contract serial number run without the prefix letter? Here is an example of a pistol issued to the postwar Berlin Polizei in the American Zone of Occupation with such a serial number. It has full Belgian proofs no Germans ones and no "triangle" stamp on the back of the frame or slide. When was it made? Attached Images Browning pol marking. JPG According to Anthony Vanderlinden's book, all Berlin's police FN pistols were purchased during the s. The same source p. In addition, my guess is the "2" stamped on the trigger bar means "" - the manufacturing date. This is the system adopted by FN after the war. Hope it helps.

FN Model 1922

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